Keithley Creek Publishing, LLC is owned by Cindy Loggins Hale. Cindy learned to read before she started kindergarten, taught by her mother, who frequently quoted George William Curtis: “Books are ever-burning lamps of accumulated wisdom.” As a musician, writer and family historian for more than 30 years, she found that it was not always easy to share her writing with others in a highly competitive, critical business scene, especially with challenging family responsibilities.

Getting started with your own book is like standing on stage for the first time. Kind of scary, with mixed expectations and a somewhat altered sense of reality. If you are looking for support as you navigate this path,  let us know how we can help you.   


With your manuscript in hand, we suggest organizational, spelling and grammatical changes, to help make your book marketable.  

We proofread, do layout and organize printing, according to your wishes and our experience.

We can help with marketing, although you will need to be active in that process. Our Graphic Design services can help you present your work in the best way possible.

Making use of dramatic technological changes in the publishing industry, Keithley Creek Publishing strives to create an inviting, inclusive business environment where high-quality writing on a variety of topics can be easily published and placed in the hands of people who seek it. Faith, truth and peaceful and sustainable living are guiding themes in the work of Keithley Creek.

Is there a story you know needs to be told? Do you have a manuscript waiting to see the light of day? Do you need some help with cover design or marketing materials? Write us a note and tell us about it! This is the place!

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