One For All

1.Dear Father as children most grateful, we see

Thy blessings of Life, Faith and Agency;

Unite us, sustain us, please help us progress.

Increase us, refine us in Thy tenderness.


2.As we lift each other, please open our eyes

to great opportunity that before us lies;

Please bless with Thy love all our efforts so small.

We’re all for One and One for all.


3.When challenges come to us, help us recall

How great and enduring Thy love is for all;

Let friendship and kindness reflect in our deeds,

Thy mercy inspire us in meeting each need.


United we seek Thy all-knowing grace;

We pray for endurance to finish the race,

to rise and learn wisdom each time that we fall.

We’re all for One and One for all.

We’re all for One and One for all

Sheet Music

Piano with two voice parts